Communication in Marriage

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Let me introduce you to my husband, Jamie.

He's cute, huh?

We've been married for one year now and have been together for 32 months (as he informed me yesterday). We have a great relationship, he makes me laugh like no one else and is very patient with me, I don't deserve him but I am so thankful that he is mine. :) Occasionally though, we have little glitches in communication. day I was playing around on Pinterest and I found this funny little comic strip that perfectly describes our communication most of the time. 

The best part was when I showed this to Jamie. I showed him frame by frame on my iPhone and when he read the frame that says, "I know what to do..." he said "Problem Solved!" and then when we got to the last frame we both busted up laughing! It was a great moment. I think laughter is what keeps a marriage going strong. :)


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