Day 11- Share! (Spreading Kindness)

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Originally I had a different way to spread kindness planned for today, but I feel a new way tugging on my heart today.

I was pursuing my Facebook feed and I came across a status that catch my eye.

It said, “God gives the world enough of what it needs. He just doesn’t distribute it…We are the ones who will have to do the distributing.” (Check out the blog that this quote is from here.)

Woah. That catch my heart. God gives enough for all people, but we have to share! Maybe this isn’t a new conception to anyone since we’re taught that we need to share from a young age…well if you have siblings you are. But, how often do we actually share now that we’re big kids?

Think about it.

Try it…share something that is precious to you. Time. Money. Clothes. Food. Whatever.

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