Giving Time, Day 6 Spreading Kindness

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Now this little way actually involves more than just a one time act on our behalf.....volunteering. I think that volunteering is such an important thing to do because it makes us intentionally focus on other people rather than ourselves.

So..I challenge you to find a place to volunteer. Don't just volunteer any old place....give your time to something that you are passionate about! If you are saying, "Megan...I don't know what I'm passionate about!" Then here is a good tester to find out:

-What makes your blood boil or moves you to tears or when you see it, you think that's not right??? That's usually an indicator that something is on your heart.

For me, it's women in crisis....I can't stand for women to feel insecure or like they don't matter. Every woman should know that she is a beautiful creation that God wants to use for his Kingdom. :) So I volunteer at the Pregnancy Care Center, it helps women be informed about abortion and helps them make informed decisions on what to do. I like listening to these women and helping them. I also am against abortion so this is a double win for me!

Anywho...what are you passionate about?


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