Happy Birthday! I'm Pregnant!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

My best birthday present this birthday is finding out I'm pregnant!

Well...technically I found out on October 30, so it was really like an early birthday present.

My husband and I didn't plan this precious gift, but it is a delightful surprise :)

I took two tests just to make sure! 

Nervous & Excited!

We decided to keep it a secret until we had an ultrasound just to make sure the tests weren't wrong.

Yep, there's a baby in there! That little black dot is the "egg sac" that our baby will begin to grow in! 
It's actually already growing, it's just too small to see.  I'm only 5 weeks...well 6 weeks now :)

My first belly bump picture...there's nothing showing yet!

This is probably not going to turn into a mommy blog...but you can expect some updates here and there :)



  1. Happy Birthday!! and Congratulations!!!

    That's such wonderful news Megan - praise God!

    And you can totally talk about baby without this being a 'mommy blog'


  2. Yay! Congrats to you and Jamie, and happy birthday too :)

  3. I apoligize for calling you a liar lol. Although I still have to convince myself that you are really pregnant.

    I cant wait to find out what the lil eggsack is so I can go shopping!!!


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