DIY Time: Wall Art 1

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Ok so I have some fun posts coming up with some DIY projects I have completed!

The first project I wanted to show you was to create some nice wall art for above my bed.

SO...I had these three frames that I bought from a thrift store a long time ago. They probably cost me about a $1 each and I have been wondering what I should do with them.

 The first frame, I had was really big and I made a little clothesline on the frame to hang some engagement pictures of me and my husband.

I can't for the life of me, figure out how to rotate this just turn your head sideways...and if you know how, leave me a comment on how to fix it! 

Anyway...this project was really easy to complete.

Materials needed: staple gun, fishing line, clothes pins, empty frame.

Since I did this frame over a year ago, I have no pictures!....but the process is really easy.

Staple the fishing line to the back of the frame, hang pictures with clothespins! DONE :)  

I am changing the colors of our bedroom to chocolate brown and burnt orange, so I spray-painted the clothes pins burnt orange :)

That completes the first picture in my three picture piece :) 

Stay tuned for the next ones!


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