DIY Time: Wall Art 2

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Hey Friends!

So.....I kinda forgot that I promised to show you my wall art :/

Blogging more consistently is definitely going to be my New Year's Resolution!

To continue with the wall art.....

I created this cute piece of art using an ugly old picture in a cool frame with some pretty fabric.


Here is what I started with....

Pretty ugly picture, right?

The Supplies:

Tacky glue mixed with equal parts water and a paint brush.

Ugly picture, cool frame, and pretty fabric.

The Steps: 

First, paint the glue on small sections at a time.

Next, press the fabric onto the picture. (You'll want the fabric to be slightly larger than the picture)

Continue painting some sections and pressing down the fabric until you have covered the whole picture.

Next flip it over and glue down the edges.

You can let it dry for about an hour or if you are impatient like me...just stick it back in the frame!

Since my picture fit in the frame, I just needed to press down the staples that were already there.

Then, Violia! You have a cute piece of art :)

What do you think?

-Megan :)


  1. I love the autumn colours! and it's so easy! I'm totally doing this..

  2. This is such an easy way to spice up any old picture! I love it!

    Also, I stealed a button, lets swap?

    Biggest love,
    Victoria from Unlock Your World

  3. I know, I love it! Simple and pretty :) Yes I love to swap :)


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