Dear Francis Chan....YES.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Well...I had the privilege of getting to hear Francis Chan speak tonight at Northside Christian Church and let me just say it was awesome! If you don't know who Francis Chan should. Check out more about him here. Anyway, I have been a fan since he reading his books, Forgotten God and Crazy Love. He just speaks so passionately about the truth and it just sits so well with my soul.

I don't think I can reiterate it better than this: Read the Bible and Do what it says. So Simple yet so profound. No where does the Bible say, check a box and pray a prayer and you are saved. It talks about repentance, baptism, and make disciples.

Do you ever think that the Christianity that we know is actually not what Jesus intended?

-Megan :)


  1. I was there too! I love his realness, no tip-toeing around the facts.

  2. I love Francis Chan for that same reason! His books aren't his own ideas or thoughts, they just point to the Bible and remind us of things we should know but forget in this American Dream we all seem to be chasing.

  3. Yesssssss.........we should read it together!

  4. @Jamie: Yes we should, I ordered it on already!

    His words just sit well with my soul :)

  5. I loved, loved Crazy Love! It spoke to me so clearly. The message is so SIMPLE and yet we've missed it too many times! How awesome that you got to hear him speak! x

  6. Oops I commented as the wrong person! up there! ^ haha :) Lauren here ;)


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