Two Weddings and a Lesson

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Sometimes in the business of daily life its hard to remember the sacred. I was reminded of the sacredness of marriage this past weekend when my husband and I attended two weddings. Both were very different but both gave me a sense of conviction that I needed to hear.

Our life has become so busy with a new job and little baby. Laundry, to-do lists…etc. that I kinda forgot what I promised my husband on our wedding day. Back then I didn’t really think about the gravity of the words that I was promising before my friends, family, and God.

Some things I want to remember:
-Covenant vs. Contract
Covenant: you do what you promised even if the other person doesn’t do what they promised
Contract: it is broken if one person doesn’t do what they promised

-Every marriage needs three things: Faith, Hope, and Love
Faith in Jesus Christ, Hope in each other: Holding On Praying Expectantly, & Love…unconditional love.

-Husbands and Wives are different because they are a man and a woman, God made us to be different. 

- When we reject each other, we are rejecting ourselves because we are one. 

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