A Letter to My Pre-Kid Self

Monday, April 4, 2016

Dear Megan who has no children, who is currently expecting her first baby and has no clue how her life will be utterly flipped upside down.

Hey girl, listen up:

Number one, just please go take a nap because you could literally do anything you want right now, but this is what you will miss the most. Just get that nap then come back and finish this……

Refreshed? Please relish that feeling because it won’t be felt for a looooong time.  

Megan, I just want you to know that you have no idea what you are about to get into. You think you have some little idea because of birthing class and that class that taught you to swaddle and because you nannied a couple kids. You learned all the things, you are set. NO. Everything you learned is just a mere shadow. I know you think judgmental things about other mom’s choices on breast feeding (gasp! my babies will never drink formula!) and on disciple (my kids will never act like that!) 

Stuff’s about to get real. Those things you never thought your kids would do, that you would never let them do….guess what, they do it all: drink formula, throw fits in public, watch tv, eat candy….) and guess what? It’s ok, they are still alive and so are you. It’s made you humble, less judgmental. It’s made you look at other moms as partners in motherhood, not objects of scorn. Now you can give sympathy glances to the parents you once judged because you have been there too. You can let go of how you think this whole being a mom thing should have turned out because there is no one perfect way to be a mom. Every woman is unique and how they mother is unique, every mom has their own thing. 

So Pre-kid Megan, I wish you could just let it go now and be at peace with being you. Be at peace with being the mom who feels like a hot mess most of the time and who is just trying to figure out how to be responsible for two precious lives. It’s ok if you aren’t the crunchy organic, fit mom….but at least your kids like peas (or at least they do today!)

You can do this, scared, anxious Megan. God chose you to do this and he will equip you. Just lean into Him in those rough moments because there will be a lot of them….like a lot. You will want to run screaming down the street because you FEEL like you just can’t. But you can, run to Jesus. He Can. 


Future (two kids less than 2 years apart) Megan 

P.S. watch out for the rhythm method, it doesn't work.  

Photo Cred: Laken Fulton Photography 

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