Low- Maintenance New Mom Essentials

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Photo cred: Jamie Ogletree :)

This is a list that was born out of a conversation with my bestie who just had her first baby (he’s so precious and cute, Hula please send me a daily picture, I’m serious.) She wanted to know what items I used and I gave her this list of what I deem the “low-maintenance new mom essentials.” How do you know if you might be a low-maintenance mom? You might be wearing pjs right now…(like me at lunch time) or you might be a jeans and t-shirt kinda gal. Just someone who’s got the basics, not trying to get too fancy. Without further ado here it is:

Low-Maintenance New Mom Essentials

-Boppy with a leak guard cover: bring this to the hospital to make nursing easier for you & baby, leak proof covers can go underneath a cute one, it helps keep the pillow from being soaked with milk

At the SAHM's Mecca
-Baby gowns: these are awesome for all the night diaper changes those first few weeks

-Swaddle blankets: Aiden & Anais are worth the money!

-Burp cloths: these are so good to have on hand for spit up that happens unexpectedly

-Baby swing or bouncy seat so you can shower

-Cradle/bassinet/pack & play for by your bedside, makes late night feedings easier

-Ergo baby carrier: I think this feels the most supportive and doesn't hurt your back like other carriers

-Nursing cover: they make ones that turn into an infinity scarf and provide more coverage!

-Bumbo: a good alternative to tummy time and my kids loved it! and it’s nice for a high chair when just starting out solids

-Nursing tanks & nursing bras

-Breast pads: they have disposable or reusable (I did reusable) they guard against leaks of breastmilk through your shirt

-Baby finger nail clippers

-Diaper bag filled with: breast pads, nursing cover, extra shirt for you, one extra outfit for baby, burp cloth, diapers, wipes, diaper cream, a couple snacks for you, like trail mix or granola bar

These are items that worked best for me. What was an essential item for you (even if you are a fancy mom)? 


  1. The boys lived in Gerber side snap tshirt, socks and gowns for the longest time. Bubble bath for momma, a rocking chair- not a glider :)

    1. Those are great items! I loved gowns for all the night time diaper changes. I used a rocking chair for my girls too!

  2. Having a baby is reall happiness and that so wanderful to be a mom.


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