What I Hope For My Girls

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

There is heart break galore in the world. Big heart breaks, like the recent massacre of beautiful people in Orlando and little heart breaks like your dearest dreams being unfulfilled. Thousands of reasons for our hearts to break, every day. When I think about my girls growing up and sending them out into a world that will break their hearts, not just once but dozens of times, I feel faint. If I could have it my way, they would never experience heart break or disappointment. They would see their dearest dreams come true and they would never experience death or loss of those they love or be victims of senseless crime or ridicule or bullying. But, that is not the reality of the world we live in, it’s broken and full of broken people. 

This reality of the eventual heart break makes me think about what I hope for them when they encounter it. I hope that they will learn to love well and deeply even though their hearts will be broken. Fear of the heart break is no way to live. Fear causes us to do crazy things, to judge and to criticize what we don’t know. I hope that they will push past their fears and enter in with the hard situations and hardened people. I hope that they know that the fear will never go away. That it will always be there to rear its ugly head but that it will get quieter and less overpowering the more they choose to love. Perfect love casts out fear. (1 John 4:18) 

So, my dear ones when you are tempted to shrink back and give into fear, I hope that you will be brave and choose to love, that is the only way to conquer your fears. 

What do you hope for your kids in the future? 

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