Music and the Body of Christ

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

At church last Sunday, we were talking about how it’s important to worship and sing together as the gathered body of Christ. Naturally, I began to focus on the music when it came time to worship. I have a soft spot for the bass line because back in the day I used to play the bass clarinet. I always think of it as the anchor line, Its steady and constant and repeated underneath the melody in a piece. As I was listening to it, I was struck by how living in the body of christ is like music. There are many different instruments, they all have different parts, they all make different sounds, and play different notes. Some notes are more noticeable than others. Some are in the background and you really have to listen to hear them, but when they are all playing together they make a beautiful melody. It’s so beautiful that it can bring people to tears, it can make hearts burst, it moves people. I think that is how God intended the body of Christ to be. To all be playing our different parts and notes together as one, creating a beautiful picture of God’s word that moves the people’s hearts.I don't think that is how the world is seeing believers. They might be hearing a harsh, off key sound clash that is making them cringe and cover their ears. That way they can’t hear it anymore. 

We weren’t meant to play our parts alone. Do you know what the bass line sounds like by itself? Bump, bump, bump…or some variation on that. No fun to listen to all by itself or even play by yourself. It only gets interesting and exciting when you join the other instruments and hear your sounds blending together. I used to get goosebumps when I played my clarinet during band practice because the sound was rich and beautiful that my body couldn’t help responding. I wish that the body of Christ could unify under the mission of spreading the gospel like that.  Then, we could give the world goosebumps instead of making them cover their ears. 

I leave you with this gem. You're welcome. 

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