How To Use Essential Oils For The Everyday Family, Guest Post from Blissful Intent

Sunday, October 30, 2016

Have you ever wanted to use essential oils and can't decide where to start because all of the information is purely overwhelming? Everyone seems to have an opinion on which essential oil company is the best or has the purest oils. You have options for multi-level marketing as well as your standard run of the mill company. You can buy oils online, in stores, and through catalogs. The amount of information seems to be endless and so are the opinions that go along with them. I researched essential oils and their uses for months before deciding to buy. I reached out to friends who I knew used them and got their take on the subject. I asked how they used them and what brand they trusted.

It wasn't until we were well within flu season that I decided to pull the trigger and purchase my first kit. I bought a $150 kit of about 10 oils through a friend. My second daughter was around 5 months old and had recently started daycare. My 5-year-old was prone to illness and asthmatic episodes. It was then that I decided it was now or never. By the time I ordered my oils and they came in the mail both of my girls had come down with a cold. They were suffering from your typical runny nose and coughing symptoms. As soon as the oils were dropped on my doorstep I put the knowledge to the test that I had attained from my months of research.

Since then I have fallen in love with oils and have found numerous ways to use them. Here are a few that I love.

How to use essential oils around the home:


I diffuse an immune boosting and germ fighting blends to build immunity against illnesses spreading around daycare and school. We all know those places are Petri dishes just waiting for someone to lick the water fountain and put the toys in their mouths. When my girls get home in the afternoon I diffuse 3 drops in 100 mL of water for about 30 minutes off and on until the diffuser is empty. I use the guide that came with my diffuser on how much oil to put in the diffuser based on the table for kids. I really like the KidSafe oils you can find out there. We have a small business where we live that sells them and it's easy to just pop in and pick up what I need.

I also diffuse peppermint, eucalyptus, oregano, lavender and lemon on a routine basis. During this time of year, I am very prone to sinus issues so I diffuse peppermint, eucalyptus and oregano in my bedroom at night. Not all together but based on my need. I use oregano to help break down sinus infections and kill the bacteria. One of my friends told me about this little technique. I am happy to say in my opinion I feel the difference when I diffuse the oregano. I use peppermint and eucalyptus to help open up my passageways and allow me to breathe easier.

Another tip I would recommend is to drop a few drops of either oil on a cotton ball and put it in the shower with you. I put mine on a shelf I have that's up and out of the way of the water but allows for the steam to penetrate it. It really helps to open up those sinuses.

I diffuse lavender to calm the kids down and lemon for a deodorizer. I have found that lemon is especially good for getting rid of odors from fried foods. There are many oils that can be used for this purpose but lemon is my favorite. I also use lemon oil to deodorize my trash can. Goodbye, terrible smells! I take a cotton ball and drop several drops on it and throw it in the bottom of my trash can under the trash bag. This helps to keep the odors down that tend to creep out of the can.

There are many different ways to clean around your home with essential oils. If you mix them in a glass bottle they will stay better for longer and give you the best boost in cleaning. You can read here about different methods for cleaning with oils.

I love to use lemon essential oil in my dishwasher to help boost the cleaning cycle. I drop 2 drops in with my soap pod in the dispenser when before I run it. Not only does it help clean the dishes but the heat and steam from the dishwasher amplifies the smell of the essential oil. It's like having a built in diffuser!

When you are shopping for oils you will notice a variety in the selection. You have single oils that can be used for a variety of purposes either mixed or individually. Then you have blends that are a variety of oils already mixed for you. Follow the dilution tables based on the need for your situation or desired result.

Roll on

While in the midst of researching for my new journey into essential oils I learned you could dilute them into roller balls and roll them on. This can help get the oils directly into the body but at a safe level. I wanted to be able to fight off illnesses, help my babies sleep better (hello 4-month sleep regression), soothe upset bellies and relax sore muscles. Do you remember when I said there were a lot of differing opinions out there regarding all things oils? Well, there are a lot of opinions on dilution rates so I went straight to the source. I jumped online and searched for essential oil companies and Plant Therapy was the first to pop up. Despite the fact that my first starter kit didn't come from them I still used their dilution tables. You can find those here.

I then proceeded to purchase roller balls and fractionated coconut oil (or FCO as you may see around the web) and diluted my oils for each of the following uses:

Upset belly- 1 roller for adults and 1 roller for children
Sore muscles- 1 roller for adults (this is a synergy or blend that contains hot oils not recommended for kids)
Nighttime calm- 1 roller for children

I followed the 1% guide for children and I started at the 2.5% guide for adults but worked my way up to 3.5%. It is recommended that you do not exceed 5% dilution for adults.

Bath time

I love to take hot baths in the winter and what better way to relax after a super long day of work and chasing babies? So I use a variety of oils depending on my desired effect. The most common go to is lavender oil. I run my bath, drop in Epsom salts and about 6-8 drops of oils. I have a large tub and a water overflow stopper to get my tub to hold more water. I fill it up as high as I can and sink in.

I have also used an oil that's meant for upset stomachs and one for muscle aches to soak in. Again it just depends on the desired effect.

That's how I use essential oils within my family.

Have you used essential oils in your family? What is your favorite way to use them?

Heather is an accountant by day and blogger by night.  She's raising a family and business while working full-time. Her daughters are 1 & 6 years of age so she's constantly knee deep in diapers and attitude. You can find her at Blissful Intent, You can also find her on FacebookTwitter and Pinterest.

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