I got to see Jen Hatmaker speak!

Monday, October 24, 2016

Last month, I had the privilege of going to see Jen Hatmaker speak about her book, For The Love. It was a great experience. The ladies who put on the event did a great job of making the place look beautiful and they even provided snacks and coffee! Kim Walker-Smith from Jesus Culture was also there leading worship, which was just amazing.

The thing I love about Jen Hatmaker is that she doesn't shy away from sharing the truth but she does it in such a way that makes you cry from laughing. She’s gifted that way. For The Love is like that, just makes you laugh out loud but also tugs at your heart. It makes you think about what Jesus really wants for his followers. I highly recommend it. 

In every bathroom stall they had quotes from her book, loved this one! 

Here are a few quotes from her talk that just resonated with me:

“We were just busy serving saved people and blessing blessed people.” She said this in reference to getting out of the Christian bubble that we can sometimes get stuck in and to encourage us to do what Jesus has called us to do which is love the people in the margins: the widow, the orphan, and the foreigner. 

“Be obedient on our own street.” This was about doing what Jesus said right where we are. Loving our neighbors, our literal neighbors. 

After the conference was over, I was thinking about what my greatest take away would be and I think that it is this: 

Use our gifts passionately and use them to benefit others. 

I was struck by this as I watched Kim Walker-Smith lead worship. She was immensely passionate about worshipping the Lord and leading others in worship. I think that if we all did things with such passion that a lot of problems in the world would be solved. What I mean is let’s get rid of all the “shoulds’ and just do what gets us fired up! Let’s stop comparing and just do what is put on our hearts. Not worrying about if it looks like what other people are doing and just do it even if it feels scary. 

Have you read anything by Jen Hatmaker or heard any worship songs by Kim Walker-Smith? I’d love to hear your thoughts! 

Working on my selfie game on the way to the event! ;)

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